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Donkey Swing - Italian Rockabilly Fashion for Tattoo Fans

Donkey Swing - vintage fashion for tattoo fans

The italians are known for their good taste in fashion. Now rockabilly, vintage and tattoo fans can benefit from this fact in our online shop. The brand Donkey Swing has specialised on retro fashion for men, women and the rock 'n' roll offspring. The focus is on t-shirts for a laid back vintage outfit. Besides Donkey Swing offers some stylish accessoires for your rockabilly home. The special thing about the brand are its designs. Looking like authentic oldschool tattoos they turn shirts by Donkey Swing into stunning eyecatchers.

Tattoo designs in oldschool style for a unique rockabilly outfit

Roses, Anchors and mermaids - Donkey Swing puts the timeless classics of tattoo history on your chest or in your living room. They are created by international and italian tattoo artists based on traditional stylistic approaches by masters like Sailor Jerry. But Donkey Swing ist not about copying. Thanks to a lot of creativity, humour and love for detail the designs oft the brand are oldschool and unique at the same time. Adding jeans and boots is enough to turn heads around.
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